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Frequently Asked Questions

| > | What is Bravoflix?

Bravoflix is a premiere online performing and fine arts venue providing an unprecedented level of rewarding engagement for fans and connoisseurs around the world. The first website of its kind in the United States, Bravoflix streams—live and on demand—the very best in professionally produced music, dance, theater, poetry and spoken word, visual arts (including feature length and short-form arts-related films), and interactive media in high definition video and high fidelity audio 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For fans, signing up for Bravoflix is easy. The Bravoflix Premium service is offered at a nominal monthly subscription fee, and provides an inexpensive way to extend and deepen the experience of fine cultural entertainment in the comfort of one's living room. The service is offered with a one week free trial. Fans who register may instantly enjoy all on-demand content as well as scheduled live video streams while accruing points for watching and sharing content with their friends. In addition to receiving invites to exclusive real world offline events, additional subscriber benefits include live moderated “behind-the-scenes” video chats with featured artists, as well as the opportunity to redeem accrued points for discounts and tickets to cultural events throughout the cities in which subscribers live. Bravoflix allows fans to see more, hear more, and feel more. Fans get closer to the action on stage than front row concert hall seating, and receive privileged backstage insight into the world they love. While nothing can replace "being there", Bravoflix is the next logical step in engaging and connecting with the enthusiasts who enjoy your art.

| > | So, how does this work?

Bravoflix promotes your uploaded and published videos to our growing potential subscriber list. We track which subscribers join as a result of responding to an e-mail invitation prominately featuring a screenshot of your video. For every person who joins via that invitation, you receive $5 a month for as long as that person remains a subscriber.

Each month, inside Bravoflix, one video is selected as the site's Featured Attraction, and the opportunity to watch that video is displayed prominently to all subscribers upon login. Any video selected as the monthly Featured Attraction receives a one-time payment of an additional $100.

Finally—for a limited time only—if you upload two or more videos to Bravoflix, if one of your videos is the Most Popular video in any given month, we'll double your first royalty payment for that video.

| > | How much money will I make?

Let's say you upload 3 videos—Video #1, Video #2, and Video #3. We promote each of your videos by sending an invitation to join Bravoflix to people on our potential subscriber list. In each case, the e-mail invitiations we send out prominently feature a screenshot from one of your videos. The e-mail invitations we send out include a trackable hyperlink which let's us know if someone lands on the confirmation page for registering. That way we know they decided to subscribe because they were attracted to one of your videos. (In this regard, it helps to have high quality and compelling imagery for your video.)

It helps, too, if you're trying to monetize your content, that you upload more than one video. Here's why...

To calculate your potential monthly licensing payments, pretend the screenshot of your Video #1 was bundled into an invitation that was received by 100 of our potential subscribers; further, just 2 of those 100 potential subscribers subsequently joined Bravoflix.

Also: pretend your Video #2 was recieved by 150 potential subscribers; let's say just 1 of those 150 people invitatied end up joining Bravoflix.

Finally, Video #3 was received by just 75 potential subscribers; 3 of those 75 people joined Bravoflix.

In this hypothetical scenario then, all total, 6 people joined Bravoflix as a result of receiving an invitation which featured as the primary image a screenshot from one of your videos. Then: $5 X 6 new Bravoflix subscribers = $30 a month goes to you for as long as all six of those people remain subscribers.

Calculating Licensing Payments ($5/mo. per subscriber)

1 subscriber $5/mo.
10 subscribers $50/mo.
100 subscribers $500/mo.

| > | When do I get my first payment?

Your first payment for any given video is made no earlier than 45 days after its publication in the Premium "members-only" area of the Bravoflix website. So, if you upload a video on January 1, your first payment would be no sooner than February 15. Following payments are made on a monthly basis, on the 1st or 15th of the month.

If one of the 6 people who joined drops their subscription after the first month, then the following month, you'd receive $25; if two more of those people drop their subscription after the second month, then your payment would be just $15. You can always upload more videos...and at any time. We'll promote those videos to our potential subscriber list as well.

| > | How do I get paid?

You must register with the site to be eligible for licensing payments. We send payments to you via Paypal. If you do not wish to receive payments via Paypal, or, for faster payment processing, we can deposit your payments into your bank account via direct bank transfer. (Inquire about direct transfer when you register.)

| > | How do I register as an artist?

Click the "Upload" button above to get started. Or, just send an e-mail to It's that simple. You need to upload your first video within the 7 days of registering in order to maintain your free lifetime Premium account as an Artist.

| > | What kind of videos do you accept?

Bravoflix is seeking primarily widescreen (16:9) high definition (HD) video—e.g., 720p at 24 frames per second (FPS) or greater—encoded with high fidelity audio—128-320kbps. We do, however, accept other aspect ratios (for example, 4:3), but these are "letterboxed"—meaning a black frame may fill out the video player. The preferred format is H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, but Bravoflix can encode your video assets even if delivered in AAC, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, WAV, WEBM, WMA, WMV or many other formats. In addition to high-definition content, Bravoflix is also seeking license-ready standard definition video featuring uniquely rare or archival arts-related footage.


| > | What is the Featured Attraction contest?

When subscribers login to the Premium area of the Bravoflix website, they are greeted by a prominent Featured Attraction. The Featured Attraction is updated monthly. If one of your videos is selected as a Featured Attraction, we'll send you an additional $100 for that month.

| > | How do I "Double Down" and become eligible for the Most Popular Video contest?

For a limited time only, if you upload two or more videos to the Bravoflix website, and provided those videos are published in the Premium "members-only" area of the Bravoflix website, we'll double your first monthly royalty payment if one of those videos is the most viewed video on the website.

| > | How about videos on the Homepage or free area of the website?

Videos published on our homepage or in any free area of the Bravoflix website receive substantial viewership, and it's an especially effective means of promoting your video, but we cannot pay licensing fees for any video which is available for free anywhere on the internet, whether that video is available for free at Bravoflix, or another online video-enabled community, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and elsewhere. If—for promotional purposes—you want to publish your video in the free area of the Bravoflix website, just send us an e-mail and let us know.

| > | Can I publish my video on Bravoflix and YouTube (or Facebook, or Vimeo, or DailyMotion, or...)?

Yes, but you will not recieve licensing payments from Bravoflix for any video available for free elsewhere on the web. We cannot sell what is given away for free somewhere else, so Bravoflix requests from you a short, fixed-term, renewable license to help you monetize your video. The licensing term is generally six months. After that time, you may use your video in any manner you see fit, and publish it anywhere and everywhere you like, and keep it on Bravoflix if you so desire. We reserve the right to collect reimbursement of licensing payments for any video that was made freely available by you elsewhere on the web during the licensing term. At any time, and even during the licensing term, you may, of course, use your video for auditions, grant applications, and any other non-commercial or private purpose that does not conflict with our efforts to help you make money with the video. During the licensing term, as long as your video is not made freely available on another consumer-facing video site via a public URL, we can monetize your video and you can earn licensing payments.

| > | Can I stream my event live on Bravoflix?

Yes! Bravoflix subscribers can watch it live, in real time, as it happens. Afterwards, your live event can be published as "on demand" video for our subscribers. If Bravoflix pays the production costs to stream your event, there's no licensing payout for the live event, but there is a licensing opportunity for the on-demand video, same as any other video uploaded to the site.

Live streaming is an especially valuable opportunity for presenting organiztions. For presenters, the opportunity costs associated with doing business—the rising artist fees, production expenses, and marketing outlays required to fill the house season after season versus the diminishing ticket revenue generated from a fixed number of seats and hard to win grants—is an increasingly untenable long-term business model. For presenters with a modest operating budget, leveraging economies of scale by simulcasting to the neighborhood multiplex is simply too cost prohibitive, and the technological fluency required to stream live or archive events on the web, as well as effectively monetizing those assets, has a steep learning curve beset with its own challenges.

For that reason—between April 1 and December 31, 2012—subject to availability, Bravoflix is offering, free of charge, to stream live events with on-site audiences numbering less than 300. For audiences greater than 300, or with special needs in regard to the number and/type of cameras, operators, or bandwidth, Bravoflix will work with the presenter to provide an inexpensive, high-quality service that meets or beats all other estimates. Delivery of this service is contingent on access to an appropriate internet connection at the venue.

Beginning January 1, 2013, Bravoflix will assess webcasting presenters a nominal fee to cover its costs associated with streaming live. These costs include labor, equipment rental, physical media related expenses, and in some cases, bandwidth related fees. These fees increase or decrease on a sliding scale in accordance with the size of the event.

Events streamed live through the Bravoflix framework and website are not, by default, recorded for later playback. Upon the recording and upload of the live event to Bravoflix servers and/or their conversion to an on-demand viewing asset, presenters of live events enjoy the same licensing terms as producers of pre-recorded content.

Addendum: What kind of audience watches Bravoflix?

"Sincerity and specificity are going to be the hot commodities in music. Everybody can have anything that they want, so now it gets into what specifically you have to give." —Pianist Eric Lewis

Regardless of what is happening in one’s own community during these lean economic times, the worldwide audience for live performing and fine arts remains a multi-billion dollar marketplace. While art is increasingly democratized with the emergence of powerful tools facilitating everyone’s creativity, the unique talents offered by dedicated, trained, and fully professional artists are not always handily available to lay people via a technological alternative or proxy. Moreover, presently, there is no way, and may never be a way, by electronic means nor any other means to truly replicate the sonic delight of hearing or seeing live, for example, a string quartet, or the grace of a dancer on point, or the rumble of a poet’s voice in recitation, or the granularity of texture and subtlety of light on the surface of a masterful painting. The human capacity for perception—that is, our five senses and perhaps intuitions more dependent on social interaction—are wondrously and astoundingly keen. Much headroom still exists between what our bodies can perceive and what machines can produce. More importantly, in the presence of real and authentic artistry, a special and, palpable connectedness occurs among a group of people gathered together to witness and participate in that artistry. In the best of circumstances, what occurs in a live performance is a collective transformation shared by everyone in the same space in real time. This phenomenon does not easily translate online, and is of an entirely different order of connectedness than the ambient awareness enabled by social media.

Nonetheless, accounting for all of the above, it is equally important to acknowledge what is, indeed, changing, and changing quickly, is the breadth of what all audiences have come to value and accept as artistic inspiration, and the means by which creative individuals deliver that value. The internet is largely the engine of this change.

Traditionally, subscribers to live cultural and/or fine arts related events are educated and discriminating with regard to the media they enjoy. In the U.S. alone, due to changes in the nation’s urban demographics as a whole, due to changes in the arts education landscape, due to the exponentially expanding and radically diverse “long-tail” of content available to everyone via the web and mobile devices, audience profiles are likewise becoming more diffuse and flattening out. In other words, in terms of definable preferences and/or demographics, all audiences are more difficult to narrow down for purposes of effective marketing and programming; the worldwide audience of fine arts enthusiasts no longer represents a discrete or vertical silo of opportunity. In short, the target (market) is moving.

Ultimately, however, an informed and probing sensibility with regard to taste, style, and aesthetics serves as a single point of commonality among the audience that performing and fine artists seek. The search for authenticity and sophisticated quality beyond what is immediately available through mainstream media is what defines our shared audience as a distinct community within the larger viewership online. Bravoflix projects that as larger, more traditional presenters of fine arts continue to gravitate toward the delivery of their content in multiplex cinemas and via the internet, the utility of Bravoflix as an aggregator and syndicator of the best of this content will grow commensurately. Traditional audiences are increasingly turning to the internet to find the extraordinary among more commonplace options, and we’re here to help. For presenters and artists, Bravoflix is a valuable extension of the live cultural experience, a way to broaden, deepen, and diversify their offerings.

Finally, due to the proliferation and evolution of mobile devices, and the fact that more young fans increasingly access the web via mobile devices (rather than by desktop computers), and given that, worldwide, a larger share of the global audience enjoys their favorite content via mobile devices—vastly more so than the number attending brick-and-morter performing arts venues or even local multiplex cinemas...all of this, in tandem with the social networking woven into the fabric of the web, means tomorrow’s audiences will most certainly choose the web as the primary means of connecting with fine and performing arts as well. The web may not be at present the favored and/or most impactful means by which fans connect with the arts, but it will be the most frequent means. Bravoflix will be there when the power of technology catches up to the magic of our shared cultural traditions.

| > | not just an online venue, but an online strategy

Bravoflix supplements and maximizes all of the attendant benefits of enjoying cultural events in the real, physical world. The Bravoflix website is not meant to be a mere substitute for a genuine offline cultural experience. Rather, as a venue, and insomuch as emerging technologies allow, the site is an authentic and integral part of deepening the fine arts experience for your audience, and is an important strategy to include in the total spectrum of your fan engagement initiatives.

By utilizing best-of-breed design principles, artist-fan interaction on the Bravoflix site is enhanced, and the execution of the site's presentation and functionality is intended to communicate the same degree of thoughtfulness and care as one might expect to experience during a highly polished offline event.

The value-added advantage of placing your creative work within the same curatorial context as other high-caliber performing artists and fine art has, for the most part, been lost in today’s free online video channels. While homemade and kitschy videos can go viral and generate serious traffic, and while there may be some ancillary benefit to placing your own artistry alongside or next to amatuer-generated content, all too often it does little to deepen or broaden a genuine and—importantly—an enduring fan base. At Bravoflix, for example, a performance of Chopin’s C-minor Prelude would not be placed adjacent to a homemade video of a cat playing piano. While Bravoflix seeks to deliver for fans, when appropriate, real fun, it also seeks to elevate your work to the status of a cultural asset that warrants thoughtful time and attention. Hence, Bravoflix is deliberate and arts-centric, and in today’s world, that represents an intelligent disrupter to the noise of prevailing media-ocrity. We make it easy for web-savvy fans of the fine arts to find and enjoy “the good stuff”—both online and off-line—and reward them for their enthusiasm, and for sharing their own curatorial insights with their friends. Bravoflix rewards you with more fans, and the opportunity to generate income directly from distributing your work online.

In the coming year, Bravoflix will continually roll out bleeding-edge, next generation tools for intensifying and incentivizing web-based audience-artist interactivity, but always with the grander mission of tasteful presentation in mind. Finally, with Bravoflix you can enjoy true congruency between the content and its container—that is, between the subject matter of the videos and the video platform or site which frames it. The proprietary means by which Bravoflix intends to maximize interactivity, and narrow the gap between online and offline fine arts enjoyment is outlined in a white paper available on request.

| > | get started by contacting us

Now is the time to take advantage of this turn-key solution for leveraging the visibility of your quality pre-recorded and live arts-related events online. When you’re ready to take your art to a global stage, contact us. We’ll work with you to create an opportunity that you feel good about, and that increases the value of your creativity. Producers, presenters—and artists and ensembles—who adopt the Bravoflix platform now as we launch receive preferred terms. Call us at 213-925-8598 or e-mail us at to get started today.